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What Are Cells?

The Question is what are cells?
When ever I thought of cells I used to think they where the smallest parts of the body but then We found out that each cell was made up of different parts such as the ribosomes
(See CellParts)

Your body's cells are just like the bricks of a house. The human body is made up of smaller parts and those smaller parts are made up of other smaller parts and maybe it go's on forever or stops no one really knows.

All living things are made up of cells which are the basic unit of life and are sometimes refered as the "building blocks of life."

Some living things are made up of only one cell like most bacteria, plancton, algea, and many other creatures. Larger animals are made up of even more cells.
Humans for example are made up of TRILLIONS of cells so just think of how many cells must be in larger animals like whales or elephants.

Cells come in different sizes for many different reason like for the type of jobe they have to do.
Although most cells are microscopic some cells cane be seen with the naked eye. For an example is a chickens egg. I know your thinking "A Chicken Egg Is A Cell?!" But it is.
Now I know you don't need a microscope to see an egg unless you're hard of sight.
Cells also come in different shapes. an egg is an oval shape, brain cells look like little roots, and a stem cell is a rectangular shape.

As you've noticed there are many differences between cells but although there are a lot of differences between cells there are also a lot of things that they have in common. For example all cells are made up of living material called protoplasm which is mostly water and contains salts and other organic life forms.

A cell is a living thing. It carries out ALL the life functions. For example it takes in nutrients and oxygen and gives off wastes products and uses and releases energy and cells also reproduce. These are the sames functions that we do.

Cells are made up of many different parts to keep it functioning properly
( See Also Cell Partsand Their Functions ).

That is some of the basic understandings of what cells are.

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